Monday, 25 April 2016

Red square

Another new painting playing with red paint and a bit of gold. I wanted more gold really, but as I like using wet on wet and mixing the paint directly on the canvas, but don't always know what I'm doing, the gold paint kept disappearing into the red. Must be something to do with the different textures of the paint. Could do with some technical lessons!

New paintings....

These are two new paintings - unnamed as yet - where I was enjoying playing with metallic paints against a black background. Acrylic on canvas they were done by painting the black background and then applying paint direct to the canvas and manipulating with a knife.

Open Up 2016

Well I do call this an irregular blog but I find it is a year since I last posted! Here is the poster for this year.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

New cards ready for sale this weekend!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Upcycling chairs....

Stripping the finish off

Now refinished in blue and webbed

Barbara working on the seat

Green denim jacket in a new form

The finished article
A few photos showing one of our re worked chairs in progress. I did the stripping and refinishing and Barbara did the seat. The chair originally had a cane seat, but it takes so long to re-cane that we decided on a pin-stuffed seat reusing an old denim jacket of mine - a favourite one at that! 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Curlicues revived!

Earrings for sale....
In the 1980's I spent a year on the Enterprise Allowance Scheme running a craft business selling jewellery and candles. I only lasted the year, as I wasn't very organised, or self-disciplined and there is a complicated background story involving complicated relationships and break-ups.... However now at 53 having taken voluntary redundancy after spending lots of years being a librarian I have to do something. The Government seem very keen that I do not become a feckless idle layabout, however much I would like to be one. So I am once again setting up my own craft business on the rather less supportive New Enterprise Allowance Scheme. I am even selling some of the old things..... 

These earrings are some of my first makes - back in my comfort zone! I have set up my Folksy shop today, though I haven't managed to list anything for sale yet! This should be the link - and hopefully I'll actually list some things for sale soon!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Clock Tower Exhibition

Me at the Clock Tower!

I particularly like how the four Elementals paintings look together (the bottom picture). I had some lovely positive comments in my comments book -  "...Such Vibrance.Inspiring..." "...Very imaginative. It has been a pleasure to view." So I feel very happy with the having had the exhibition. Onto the Open Studios!