Monday, 9 January 2012

Blue Curve 2

Blue Curve 2

Blue Curve

"Blue Curve 2" I did after my last post ... so I did act on those itchy fingers! 

 "Blue Curve", which I have on my living room wall - is one of my favourites, it is often admired, so I thought I would use it as a starting place for another picture. I just had a good look at it and then went up to my studio and painted my version 2. A colour or combination of colours is often my starting point, blue being a favourite - in fact sometimes I have to work hard not to paint blue pictures all the time. Though I suppose if I did it would be fine anyway! I like this very much and have actually sold it! To a friend, but it is very exciting to sell a work! I struggle with the selling side - particulary as with friends I always want to give them away, but Jenny has insisted that she buy it - as encouragement to take my work seriously, which is  indeed marvellously encouraging. 

I find both of these paintings quite contemplative - almost meditative. Ripples or the surface of water is in some way the inspiration, but not in a straightforward naturalistic way but I have tried painting water and this resembles what I did then.

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