Monday, 9 January 2012

Playing with Colour - Exhibition at Chesterfield Library December 2011

These show various views of the exhibition I had at Chesterfield Library, the work was well received in that I had lots of good comments and although I didn't make a direct sale from  here "Blue Curve 2" was bought by my friend Jenny as a result of my sending information out to friends about the exhibition. She looked at the work on Red Bubble as she couldn't get to the exhibition itself. 

It was good to be able to stand back and view the work from a distance - 10 foot is about as far as I can stand back in my house and some of my work looks really good from further away - you can see different things in it than from close up. (It's ok to say my own work looks good isn't it? After all I wouldn't paint it if I didn't like it!)

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